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Coaching Institute Application Development in Saharanpur Coaching Institute Application is very profitable to launch coaching classes app in this present time as it makes the turn out simpler for instructing classes owner that they can easily manage all the details of their coaching classes like a tutor and student details management, course data management and much more stuff.

We have given our best to furnish you with an application that contains every one of the elements needed for any Institution Instructing or Tuition to go Online. Make and Sell Online Courses Containing Videos, Notes, Assignments, Tests, Live classes, Attendance and Fees Management in a hurry and reach to crowd Untouched from your greatness.

We have diversified features:-

Enquiry Management

Submit understudy enquiry and oversee follow up or calling history. Use the lead generator page to get enquiries from other stages.

Student Management

Manage students' personal and educational details. Take student attendance from the mobile app or by the biometric device. Share assignments with students.

Online Coaching Portal

Educate on the web, share records, give customized input to your understudies safely.

Staff Management

Manage your staff records and allow your staff to log in & use the smart classes system with total security control by screen rights & action rights.

Fee Management

Easily manage enquiries and leads, and set pending fee reminders in advance.

Parent Communication Module

Send custom SMS about understudy's significant data or impending occasions and that's just the beginning.

Analysis Reports

Track understudies generally execution and furthermore track your instructive foundation development with various kinds of investigation reports. Effectively screen and investigate charges assortment development, examine costs, understudies request and change development and some more.

Your Class App

Create your own personalised Website & Mobile app with Class pro.

Haxways will give you a new and interactive way of teaching your students through an online medium. Haxways will help you to grow your audience by providing you with a platform to sell your original course content online. Haxways also advantages you to teach your regular coaching students through this platform.