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YOGA APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICE IN SAHARANPUR With the ideal administration programming for your business, you’ll be able to handle and plan everything for your yoga studio exactly how it should be done. You will not need to spend each waking second chipping away at it. The software will allow you to get some much-needed shuttles into and out of the studio as needed. The scheduling software for yoga studio reservations will also allow you to set up some pretty advanced forms for keeping your studio inventory up to date.

As yoga app developers, we make your technical challenges easy by solving them for you. Our Lead Developers will pick the best Tech Stack to meet your requests: whether it’s wearable device integration or connecting a new booking system to your website. Our yoga app development services cover all platforms so you can reach your customers wherever they are. Desktop or Mobile, iOS or Android, Tablet or Wearable – we got your back!

Yoga App Development Features

  • Related Videos’
  • Audio play
  • Content Library
  • Live Yoga Sessions
  • Personalized Profiles
  • Yoga Poses Dictionary
  • Gamification
  • Apple Health, Google Fit & other APIs
  • IoT / BLE / Wearable Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Activity Tracking
  • Subscription & Membership
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

                         SERVICE INCLUDE

  • Profile Page                            
  • Search
  • Sharing                                    
  • Social Login
  • Report Abuse

Yoga studio programming is a strong and multi-practical instrument that will assist you with dealing with your authoritative undertakings, deal with all planning, installments handling, and even assistance with your showcasing endeavors.