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Our taxi booking software comprehensively grow your taxi business, This is viewed as a significant advantage since it is not difficult to follow the course of drivers all the time with the assistance of the area following element. A traveler can follow the area of the taxi even across the city and state. A driver knows the appropriate area of traveler and the traveler can follow the driver's area too.

  • Booking a ride made super-easy for your customers on taxi apps
  • Enable your customers to track their rides in real-time

Taxi management is a complex task

Haxways helps you to manage all the various operations of Taxi Booking software through an app. Develop your Taxi business with this unique framework.

Tracking the Car

This feature allows customers to track their driver’s location and let them know when the ride would arrive.

Multiple Payment

Our Taxi Booking programming concocts different installment modes like Cash, Card, and Wallet Payment.

Confirm/Cancel trip

When a ride is matched for the chose pickup and drop off area, the riders can undoubtedly feel free to affirm their booking. In the event that, they have a shift in direction, they can likewise drop their ride.

Rate & Review

Clients can rate and survey the drivers on their riding experience which straightforwardly influences the driver's profile.

Driver Verification

Upon a ride-match, the driver’s personal information such as name, license number, and a photo is made available to the rider. Also, before starting a ride, the driver needs to enter an OTP, which is sent to the rider’s registered mobile number.

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